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Wholly & Healed

1:1 60 min Zoom Call - Discovery Session

1:1 60 min Zoom Call - Discovery Session

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As a certified Wellness Coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my mission is to facilitate transformative 1:1 soul sessions that inspire healing, self-awareness, and radical self-love. Through a nurturing and non-judgmental environment, I guide individuals in finding their purpose, embracing their authentic selves, and cultivating a spiritual and sovereign mindset. My aim is to empower individuals to live with intention, align with their true essence, and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

*Please Note:* This is a 60 min 1:1 Zoom Call (Discovery Session). Introduction to my 3 - 6 month Awaken & Align 

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I coach mothers, busy women who are find themselves mindlessly on the hamster wheel who barely come up for air even to breathe.

Corporate leaders who go into work day in and day out and are yearning for MORE and have yet to identify what that more is.

All women, who sit at a cubicle or desk and wonder, what am I doing here?

Women who are on a spiritual quest and are experiencing loneliness.

Women who are searching for a sacred space to talk through their thoughts & ideas in a non-biased, judgmental manner to find clarity and develop next steps.

You, if you are looking to LIVE a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Looking to get fit mentally, physically, spiritually, and/or financially.


Our Soul Sessions start with ground and breath work. I coach you using intuitive methods. YOU lead the call, as I serve as your mirror suggesting tools and serve as your resourceful guide. As a result of my well-being program through Awake & Align Soul Sessions coaching, women who have lost their sense of self in their careers struggled with finding their purpose, struggling with weight loss, emotional eating, have now interrupted negative patterns adopting new positive ones using tools I’ve provided. They have shed unwanted weight both from their bodies and their lives.

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