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Wholly & Healed

Aura Mist Spray

Aura Mist Spray

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Aura Mist Spray

Introducing our Aura Mist Spray "Essence" to the Wholly and Healed Collection.

Essence by definition is the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person. 

This Aura Mist Spray is made with a combination of moon water, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and other natural ingredients. Used to energetically cleanse and balance a persons aura or the energy field around the body. 

The purpose and intention is to help clear negative or stagnant energies from the energy field, promotional of emotional well-being, and creating a positive atmosphere. 

Some Suggested examples when to use of the Aura Mist Spray is for mediation, add it to your daily morning routine/rituals, when doing energy work or to set the tone or mood of the space. 

Product Details: 2oz and 4oz Glass Bottle 

Warning: Contains may be flammable. Keep out of Reach of Children!

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