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Wholly & Healed

Birthing & Postpartum Affirmations

Birthing & Postpartum Affirmations

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This inspiring card deck offers gentle reminders during one of the most sacred times in a birthing persons life. Feeling empowered, mentally capable, supported and clear minded can be one of the most greatest additions to a time when hormones can dictate everything and you can feel completely out of control because of all the changes your body is going through while creating your little miracle. Why not give yourself or someone you know you might need or benefit from some gentle reminders to guide them along this journey. 

Labor, delivery and postpartum journey is not only physical but mental. It all begins in how we feel mentally. A positive mindset can lead to an empowered birth and postpartum journey. 

Choices of Affirmation Decks

Birthing Affirmation Card Deck includes 40 cards. 

Postpartum Affirmation Card Deck includes 44 cards. 



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