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Haitian Postpartum Healing - Bain Fèy

Haitian Postpartum Healing - Bain Fèy

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 This Haitian Bain Fèy blend is a Wholly & Healed x Baby Moon Birthing Services collaboration and is freshly picked from our gardens in Haiti and here in the US.

Some benefits of a Bain Fey
❤︎ loosening up the tense, tight muscles post birth
❤︎ helps retain body heat during the healing process
❤︎ supports circulation in the body
❤︎ yoni tightening…and more

Submerge yourself in ancient traditional medicine with herbs grown in Haiti & Haitian elders garden (my mama). Bain Fèy also known as Three Baths. To be taken 3 times post birth. You can do it 3 days in a row or M, W, Fri or T, Thurs, Sat. Whether you sit in a tub or sit over a “boukit” (bucket) similar to a sitz bath style or yoni steam.  

These herbs (fèy/feuille) are made up of a special blend.

  • Maskreti 
  • Mango 
  • Papay 
  • Pwa kongo
  • Kapab
  • Cachimon

This powerful blend of Haitian herbs will bring on healing during your recovery and ease the transition into motherhood physically. As many know, the postpartum period is one that deserves tenderness. It is a time for the new mother to heal, rest, be mothered by her support system, village and a time to connect with her new baby, while also becoming in tune with the rhythm of her new life and body.

For optimal results have someone give you this bath and beat the leaves on your body. 

Book your Haitian Postpartum (Bain Fèy) Consultation, to learn what herbs are traditionally used in a Bain Féy, what the benefits are, how long to soak in the bath, this is also your opportunity to get all your questions answered about postpartum healing, how to prepare your bath and what to and not to do after your Bain Féy.

*each order comes with one bag of herbs* 

2 bags are strongly recommended for each Bain (bath).

Blessed Healing!

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