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Lavender Serenity Bundle

Lavender Serenity Bundle

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Step into tranquility and inner vision with our Lavender Serenity Bundle. This carefully curated collection, including lavender, mugwort w/lavender, Palo Santo + lavender, and more, invites serene moments and relaxation. Additionally, lavender is associated with the third eye chakra, fostering intuition and inner clarity. Embrace a harmonious atmosphere while tapping into the calming essence of lavender, aligning with the intuitive energy of the third eye chakra for heightened perception and insight.

This Bundle Includes: (one of each)

  • White Sage + Lavender Rose Petals
  • Palo Santo + Lavender Herbs
  • Mugwort + Lavender 
  • White Sage w/ Chrysanths
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