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Wholly & Healed



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Mugwort is used to enhance lucid dreaming, visions and protection. Mugwort helps with severe exhaustion, insomnia, and gives the ability to rest because of the feeling of being protected.

This magical herb has been connected to vitality, good luck and feminine energy. This herb can be used to boost your psychic abilities, intuition, creativity, femininity and spirituality. 

Some have placed mugwort under their pillows to attract good dreams. 

Some have used mugwort to activate their third eye chakra.

Mugwort is dope and pure magic when used. Mugwort is also known as "Artemisia vulgaris." Artemis is the Greek Goddess of childbirth, the care of children, chastity, and of the many powers and abilities one was to control disease and healing. 

*each sage wand is sold separately, bundles are available. Wands are 6-8in 

**all sage wands are photographed freshly rolled. Your sage will be delivered dried as this is the optimal time to use them so colors may vary

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