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Wholly and Healed

hOMe Blessing Box - A New Moon (New Beginnings)

hOMe Blessing Box - A New Moon (New Beginnings)

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A New Thing or New Moon Box is intentionally made specifically for meditation and prayer, some carefully picked tools, gems, hand rolled sage to add to your spiritual practice.The intention behind this box is to take a new direction, new beginnings and positive changes. Ease the challenges that sometimes comes with change(honey calcite), dissolve old rigid belief systems(green calcite),aids in seeing alternative and possibilities(aventurine)

Box contains all four elements fire, water, air, earth. One white candle, incenses, Florida water, sage wand(s), Palo Santo, crystals for new beginnings, new adventures, a new start. An abalone shell and selenite bowl for your beautiful crystals. Also included are guides on how to use your hOMe Blessing Box, how to sage your home/space, insert cards for types of sage and properties of crystals.

As part of a special Collection of Wholly and Healed product, our hOMe Blessing Boxes are made with great intention and love using some local vendors we support and love. It's a great starting point for cleansing your aura, your spaces, clearing the energies and bringing in calm and balanced energy for yourself, space / home. 

Please be sure to always set positive intentions prior to using the items in this sacred box.

*Please Note: hOMe Blessing Boxes are all made to order and personalized and may not have the same sage, colors, shapes and sizes of crystals may vary.

Please allow 7-10 business days to create. This does not include shipping. 

**all sage wands are photographed freshly rolled. Your sage will be delivered dried as this is the optimal time to use them so colors may vary

Thank you for considering this product. We're sure you'll love it.

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